AP Grønt started as a small vegetable farm in 1978 in North Zealand. Today, AP Grønt is one of the largest producers of various leaf greens in Scandinavia. AP Grønt was the first company to introduce baby leaves, which became a fantastic success. Baby leaves are still an important product in our range.



Salads and leaf greens grow in natural conditions, open to the elements with the sun and the fertile soil in our fields. This ensures a good vitamin content, natural fibre, fantastic taste and beautiful colours. As grandfather used to say, “You are what you eat - so eat healthily”.

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AP Grønt is constantly developing and streamlining food safety, crop trials, cultivation methods and machine optimisation while respecting the environment and the well-being of employees.

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AP Grønt today delivers its products to several large Danish retail chains, as well as catering and food service companies. There is also export to the European marked. Beekenkamp young plants are also sold to Scandinavia and the Baltic states. We offer advice and development of individual solutions for cultivation, production, processing and packing of salads, baby leaves and vegetables as well as development of individual solutions for these purposes.

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A taste of our daily routine

See the film to get an idea of our daily business, from salad production to harvesting and packing.


At AP Grønt, we offer organic, conventional, washed and unwashed salads from our own production.
During those months of the year when Danish produce is not available, we offer our customers the preparation and packing of imported goods.
We are an innovative company that thinks ‘out of the box’. We are passionate about high quality and satisfied customers. Our production methods and products are of high quality, so we can live up to the expectations of our customers and consumers. We listen to our customers, and we can develop products and concepts that match their specific needs. From harvesting the salad to the point of sale in the shop, the process follows a precise flow.
The salad is harvested, sorted, washed, packed, cooled, sold and consumed within a short time frame.
The combination of the most up-to-date cooling, sorting, washing and packing facilities ensures the best handling
of our products and provides fresh, healthy salads of high quality.